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Microsoft Edge is another browsing platform that helps your search, shop online, and more. Even Microsoft Edge lets you collect and store data on your device just like any other browser around the world. Not like fusty old Internet Browser, Microsoft Edge Support Number is faster, less cluttered and stands up well when compared with Chrome and Firefox. But it tremendous browsing platform has troubled many users by a bunch of small but frustrating problems. Microsoft Edge Support Phone Number

Support for Microsoft Edge desk talks about the common issues

Prevent Automatic Download:
Microsoft Edge doesn’t take your permission before downloading files and that’s super annoying. This automatic download can lead to malicious software in your system. Technical Support suggests you to-
Click three dots at the top right and go to ‘Setting’ and then advanced setting.
Enable ‘Ask me what to do with each download.

Video Not Working in Edge:
You would surely lose your temper if you fail to watch on favorite videos on Youtube. This usually happens when breakdown occurs between Edge and your Graphic Card. Before you both an assistant at the Support number, just check if your graphic card driver is updated and clear browsing data. If things mentioned above are fine, then - Go to “Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced,” then tick the box that says “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. Restart your system, video will work now.

Microsoft Customer Care number to fix issues
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Browser is slow or pages aren’t loading:
If you feel that Microsoft Edge isn’t speedy enough, then primarily check your internet service. You can even clear away your cookies. If that doesn’t solve your issues, then I would want you to get in touch with a technical support expert for immediate solution or rather you can scan your hard-drive for errors. In the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Edge isn’t blocking Pop-ups:
Indeed Edge has been into the market past several years and has won hearts but somehow this browsing platform has been lacking with extension qualities that are seen with chrome and Firefox. The major issue with Edge is they don’t have Ad blocker, but support desk suggest us to download either Adblock or Adblock Plus for edge.

Can’t change Edge as the windows Default Browser:
Say anything, but Edge is still not living up to expectations. To make Edge as your default browser, follow - Go to “Control Panel -> Default Programs -> Set your default programs.” Next, select the browser you want to have as your default in the Programs pane on the left-hand side, then click “Set this programs as default” on the right and click OK.


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Your browser is slow or pages are not loading so, to tackle this situation, you can get Microsoft Edge Support from experienced and qualified engineers. They will discuss your problems and try to provide you accurate answers. In a case, if you feel that MS Edge is not speedy, you can simply dial our Microsoft Edge Support Phone Number to get your problems resolved.


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