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This term of Use govern the information posters and form a binding legal agreement between the visitors and US. With the Agreement, we as a company are displaying legal conditions on your use of the site and its services and also making certain promises to you. Go through the Agreement carefully prior using your site and Services.

Only you are responsible for the content or information, including, the title and body of the post, you publish or display anywhere on the Site. BY using the site or the services in any manner, you agree to terms in this Agreement. If Incase, you do not agree to the Terms, you are not allowed to use the Site and the services. Now if you don’t understand all of the terms in this Agreement, please get in touch with an attorney before using the Services.

We have a right to change, modify, add new terms or remove portions of the terms, at any point of time. You are liable to read Terms for changes. Your continuity of the site clearly says that you accept and agree to the changes. Person below 14 years old may not use either the site or the services in any case. Now if you are between 14 and 18 years old, then you must have your parents’ permission to do so.

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You understand the fact that your use of the site is at your own risk and such use may uncover you to use content that may be objectionable, offensive, or inappropriate.

By making an account or providing your email address, you agree o receive communications in connection with the Site and services, including email letter with information and notification.

Online Conduct:
You may publish content on the site without creating an account with us.

You will never make any post on the site which may be defamatory, profane, obscene, abusive, racially offensive, harassing, threatening, Spam, pornographic, or any such material that violates party’s right. You will use the site under applicable laws and regulations. By posting information on the site, you warrant and represent that the information provided is accurate and reliable.

You will not post, reproduce or distribute any copyrighted material, trademarks, or proprietary information without seeking permission of the owner of such proprietary rights. You understand that we neither do police nor have any legal obligation to police any sort of content on the site to an extent any greater than required by applicable laws and regulations.

We understand that your review completely depends on your experience, your opinion about any product and services, and you will not impersonate any person or entity. You warrant that you haven’t been paid any money to review any business or a person on the site.

Make sure, you will never use the site for any commercial purpose, including promoting business or using the site to promote any commercial purpose.

NO THIRD PARTY BENEFICIARIES: Now if you are signatory to the Agreement, then you are not allow to enjoy any benefits under it. So you are not liable to raise any complaints. If you would want to claim any benefits under the Agreement, then you may contact us to negotiate an Agreement that might you the particular right.

You will defend, indemnify our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners and licensors harmless from any claims, demands, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses relating to or arising out of Your use of the Site. You agree to fully cooperate in the defense of any such claim.

Removal of Information:
If you are willing to have an account, then you can get it at anytime. Also, we do not offer to edit prior posts. If you want post to be removed, then you need to submit a Notarized letter or participate in an LVP. Visit Our FAQ for Consumers and FAQ for Companies if you have any further details regarding the removal of the information.

You can provide supplemental information to the review, only if the review was created under your account.

While we cannot review every message posted by our users and we are not responsible for any content of these message. We have a right, but we are not obligated to delete or remove obscenities, threats of physical violence or damage to property, and sensitive personal information including, security numbers and credit card information.

How we decide to remove any piece of information, we try to figure out if the information isn’t creating any risk of theft, financial fraud or any other harm. Please visit Our Privacy Policy, section security.

Information supplied by you:
We ensure you to keep the information supplied by you to us confidential and shall use this information for the purposes it was collected for, or as required by law. We keep the information with us in order to enhance communication and interaction between businesses and individuals.

By posting information to any public area of the site, you agree that you can be offered to share your experience and opinion via video interview to us.

Disclaimer of Warranty:

We provide services and we grant no warranties of any sort, express, in connection with the site or the services, statutory, or in connection with any interaction with us or with our professional. We disclaim warranties of non-infringement, merchantability. We do not assure that Site’s connection with internet is secure, uninterrupted, error-free, and always available or any issues with the site, it will be resolved.

Limitation of Liability:
We will not be liable to any party for any kind of damages – be it be any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or any other damage coming up of the availability, reliance on, use, improver use of services. Also, we have been advised of any such possibility of such damages.

We also don’t guarantee completeness, accuracy, usefulness of the content or information. We neither adopt nor endorse nor responsible for accuracy of information or content.

State by State Variation:
Well, some jurisdiction limits the applicability of warranty disclaimer and limitations of liability so that the above mentioned limitations of liability and disclaimers of warranty may not be applicable for you.

General Provisions:
Any issue arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be subjected to federal or state court in the state of Nevada and that you submit it the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts in relation to the site or the agreement. The agreement speaks loud and clear about the use of the site between You and Us, else Terms will survive termination of your registration with the Site.

Copyright Policy/Termination of User Privileges for Infringement and Contact Information for Suspected Copyright Infringement/DMCA Notices
We would immediately take all the privileges from any user who sells the site to unlawfully transmit copyrighted material without having express consent, license, valid defense/fair use of exemption. Any user uploading content, images, stories, software or any other copyrightable material should not infringe the copyrights of the third parties.

Access to the services:
We grant nonexclusive license to access the Services for your own personal use. Let me make it clear that this license does not include any copying, display, collection, aggregation, duplication or derivative use of the Services. You are not even allowed for robots, spiders, data mining, or similar data gathering and extraction tools without seeking out permission. In order to make any derivative use of the Services you must first obtain a license from Us.

A bit and limited exception is provided to general purpose internet search engines and non-commercial public archives so that they can access such tools to collect information for the sole purpose of displaying hyperlinks to the Services. Website or search engine or other service that solely works in review/complaints listings, reputation management, search optimization or social media monitoring are not included by General purpose internet search engine.

Moving Services beyond the scope of authorized limited can immediately terminates said permission or license.

Our Paid Services for Companies
We are not a government body and so we charge fees for companies to use paid features of the Site. For more information We would want you to go through Business Solutions that We offer.